Memories I don’t want to forget, including Quotable Daddy’isms

April 29 2014 (23 months old)
Kenneth: *Changing a diaper* Honey, will you come here? *said in a worried voice*
Me: Sure, be right there.
K: “What happened here? It looks like she has a rash on her arm pit???”
Me: “I don’t think it is a rash, I *think* it’s marker, but I don’t know, it might be a rash?”
K: “Maybe we should keep an eye on it?”
Me: “Have you tried washing it?”
K: “No.”
Me: “Let’s try washing it.” *with a little scrubbing it comes right off*
(Like father, like daughter — this is almost verbatim like a very similar incident with Kenneth and his dad with ketchup as a kid, except Kenneth told his dad it hurt…. until his dad washed the ‘blood’ off, only to find out it was ketchup..)

April 29 2014 (23 months old)
Highlight of our day so far: Josephine saw the recycling truck leaving our cul-de-sac and got excited. They slowed down honked several times and waved. Josephine was elated!

April 28 2014 (23 months old)
Josephine: *coming downstairs with Daddy in her PJs, cheerfully singing*: “Apples, apples!”
Me: “Oh, apples? Do you want an apple?”
Her: “Noooooooooooooooooooo…..”
Me: *laughing really hard and turning to Kenneth* That’s not nearly as funny as compared to how much it’s causing me to laugh…
Her: “I know! … I know.”  ……….

April 11 2014 (22 months old)
While I’m finishing up fixing dinner and putting food out on the screen in porch so we can dine al fresco, Kenneth comes up to me and says I’m going to go pick some flowers.Me: “Great! Do you mind if you put them in a vase on the table to enjoy during our dinner?”Him: *long pause* “Ohh… I meant I was going to pick the dandelions before they spread/populate further.” <he pinches off their heads so they can’t spread their seeds)

Me: “Oh, I thought you were going to be romantic.”

Him: I can do that too I guess, we have some daffodils I could pick so we could put them on the table.

March 22 2014 (22 months old)
20+…. My child had more than 20+ books stashed in the back seat of the car.  I do believe that I am raising a bibliophile. She doesn’t want a tablet, she wants books, and LOTS of books. I am glad she likes books(I actually really prefer her having books over screen time), but one problem is she wants to switch to a new book every few minutes.March 9 2014 (21 months old)

My FIL: “Did Eric Carle write ‘Charlotte’s Web’? (after seeing a spider on Josephine’s The World of Eric Carle T-shirt.
Me: No, I can’t remember the name of the author off the top of my head who wrote “Charlotte’s Web”K: “Was it something like Harriet Beecher Stowe, or something?”

*uncontrollable fits of laughter from me*

K: “No, don’t Facebook this. No, don’t you dare Facebook this… OK, ugh, I am going to go take a shower to further wake up before you Facebook anything else I say…”

March 1 2014 (21 months old)
When your toddler repeatedly says out loud and emphatically in Target for no apparent reason: “Butt passste!” over and over….. SMH

February 10 2014 (20 months old)

It is official… I have turned into my mom and Josephine has clearly taken careful notes from her aunt Lynn. Josephine has more fashionable tastes and boots than I have ever dared to dream of.


February 9 2014 (20 months old)
Sentences for the win:Today when I said let’s go to the store, she brought me her jacket to put on and said: “Ready to go!”A few days ago while shopping, she did NOT want to get into the cute police ‘car’ cart at Whole Foods. I said you are really upset about it while holding her and she responded, “I don’t want it!”

February 2 2014 (20 months old)


Hilarious morning so far.

So I get to the car and find the pants that I **thought** were clean when I put them on this morning are covered in dried yogurt toddler handprints. Maybe six of them.

I explained to Kenneth I needed to change my pants because of the stains (on pants that I *thought* were clean). He said it didn’t really matter, it’s OK (I don’t have to be perfect all the time).. To him it wasn’t that big of a deal and proceeded to show me mud on his jeans (also from little hands, we think). We agreed it was OK if he didn’t care about his pants (his stains weren’t as obvious, but I cared about changing my pants)

Of course, then the garage door opener didn’t work.

Kenneth tried the keypad several times. He was starting to get aggravated. I came up to see if I could help. I pressed the enter button once and the garage door opened instantly. He laughed, threw up his hands and started to walk back to the car. I called him back and kissed him and said, “I guess that’s why we are together. That’s why you need me ”

We are certainly an odd couple. And this morning has been exceedingly odd/funny to me.

I wonder if it’s the phase of the moon or something.


January 28 2014 (20 months old)
You know you have the best alarm clock in the whole wide world, when you are woken up gently by a little birdie singing over the baby monitor, “Mama!…. Mama?……. Mama!?!” You betcha I don’t even want to choose to try to “snooze” with that happy song calling me put of bed. (this is even after a night of only 4 hours of sleep)

January 21 2014 (20 months old)
Yep, it’s snowing. Showed Josephine the snow and she was like signing with sign language: “Cold. Wet. Rain.” (she has no idea why I’m so excited….) 

January 17 2014 (19 months old)
I have my very own “Blossom”…. omg, I laughed so hard
We really needed a laugh at the moment. Thank you little one, you knew exactly what we needed… She waited quietly until we turned around and laughed.
Jessica Ann Lee's photo.
January 17 2014 (19 months old)
Don’t talk to your husband when he’s super sleepy near bed (akin to the warning to not feed the mogwai after midnight….) Our sleepy discussion resulted in him recommending the creation of a “Montessori Bed and Breakfast”
January 15 2014 (19 months old)
*Josephine let out several ear-piercing happy squeals when daddy got home*
*Daddy and I look at each other in silence momentarily stunned*
After a while Kenneth said: “Wow, my ears are ringing”
I said cheerfully: “Ear check! Our ears must be functioning properly since they are ringing… HOWEVER, at this rate we’ll be deaf before she grows up”
Kenneth: Huh?…..
(it’s already started)

January 11 2014, (19 months old)

Watching my baby girl sleeping tonight I realized for the millionth time just how beautiful and fragile she is. How much I wanted to protect her. How precious and fragile life is.

I whispered a silent, tearful prayer: “I’d die to protect you, baby girl…”

I realized that’s not what she needs from me, there’s already too much fear, too much holding on too tightly, too much death, too much dying out there. What she needs from me is to know how to live freely, to live without fear of death, because living in fear of death…that’s death, not life.

From this moment on, I live not just for you, baby girl, or simply for our ancestors/family, uncles, grandparents, etc that have gone on before us, but I live for your future babies, and your children’s children.

I am going to live, out loud, proud, and courageously. I’m going to teach you to dance throughout life, I’ll dance with you and for all that have gone before us and all that go on after us. Dance until death, and then dance together on the other side too.

January 1 2014 (19 months old)
Happy anniversary to my husband. we did a First Hike of the Year and ate lunch together as a family. I am so lucky to have a wonderful husband like him!
December 28, 2013 (19 months old)
I think my kid just said, “I did it” twice… I am still not certain I heard her right but she said it the same way, with the same excitement twice in a row, with a bit of clarity. She was talking about getting her toddler friendly RC Robot to move around the kitchen by pressing the buttons on the controller.
December 25, 2013 (19 months old)
Merry Christmas everyone! Up before everyone else this morning, can’t wait for Josephine to wake up and to spend time with my family.
November 10, 2013 (18 months old)
Me: I know you want me to reach the snack cup you threw Josephine but I can’t safely reach it while the car is moving….
Her: *getting mad, pouting and pointing at the snack cup*
Me *emphatically*: Yes, I know, it ~sucks~, I can’t reach it because it’s too far away. I wish I could.
Her: *pointing at her socks*
Me *laughing*: No, it sucks, not socks…
November 8, 2013 (18 months old)

She brought our Onbuhimo to me and asked to go up. We haven’t used this carrier in many months. She even helped me get her up by laying down on the carrier in the correct position. How can I resist?
October 11, 2013 (17 months old)
Not only did she try to help Daddy feed the kitties this morning (carrying the food bowl and helping to pour the scoop), she also gave Kisa dozens of hugs while Kisa ate her kitty food.
October 7, 2013 (17 months old)
Great sopping-wet park day with Taryn and Kristin and their crew. 

October 2, 2013 (17 months old)
Josephine cried out and I didn’t know why…. Kisa was stealthily attacking Josephine’s toes from underneath the learning tower. 

August 21, 2013 (15 months old)
That moment when you think you are losing your mind because you go to get the cloth diapers out of the dryer only to find the dryer empty…. The husband had emptied the dryer and put them away without me even asking or knowing he had done it. 

July 11, 2013 (13 months old)

So on 07/11/2013 or so Josephine officially started walking

Oh, our Little Miss Engineer, she wrote on the paper with a pen and then proceeded to dismantle the pen, Daddy had to put it back together again.

May 20, 2013 (12 months old)
This time last year (2012) I was in labor and didn’t know just how quickly I was going to get to meet Josephine. She was born at 8:55 pm and weighed 8 lbs 7 ozs and was 20.5 inches long. Today she’s over 17.7 lbs and almost 30 inches long. I am so glad to have her in our lives. 

May 3, 2013 (11 months old)
Playfully chasing my 11 month old crawling baby around the kitchen, hearing her belly laughs as I ‘play chase’ her…. I’d do anything to make her laugh, I’d chase her to the end of the earth to hear that delightful sound of her laughter… no other baby’s laughter (at this moment) sounds quite as scrumptious. It doesn’t matter how many times I make her laugh, I want to do it again, and again, and again. 

April 11, 2013 (10 months old)
So unbeknownst to Daddy, I was getting ready to sit down this morning at the laptop and put up a status that I’m going to change Josephine’s name to “Butt Scoot” because she butt scoots EVERYWHERE and as I was getting ready to type the status, Daddy starts calling her, “Come here, Butt Scoot.” 

February 24, 2013 (9 months old)
Mastering drinking from a straw cup. Drinking momma’s water. Brr it’s icy cold, but fun to drink like a big girl!February 18, 2013 (8 months old)
Josephine loves her some full fat Greek Gods yogurt, she even uses it as a facial mask. The downside is mommy is never allowed to buy the Chobani 0% fat Greek Yogurt ever again. We liked the 0% just fine until we tasted the full fat, and now Miss Josephine doesn’t want the 0% stuff anymore since she’s tasted the Greek Gods full fat yogurt.

February 1, 2013 (8 months old)
By George, her first tooth! Over 8 months old. Woohoo, no wonder she’s been so fussy! (she’s not cross-eyed even though it looks like it in this photo)

January 27, 2013 (8 months old)
She’s her daddy’s baby. She loves to eat lemons, that is until she rubbed her eyes… That hurt!…. And then she rubbed them more because they hurt, and that was the end of the world. I had to take the lemon away and wash her hands


December 30, 2012 (7 months old)
As we approach the new year, let’s all be thankful for what we do have. Life is so precious, in the blink of an eye we can lose so many things, please folks take the time to appreciate the things you have, especially, **especially** your loved ones. Things can be replaced, but people can’t. I resolve this year to find ways to treasure my family more, to spend more energy and time with those I love rather than chasing trivial items or trivial things. Pictures and items can be lost, but if we have spent time really living our grandest moments with our famil(ies) then we will have memories that surpass the pictures that get lost, etc.

December 25, 2012 (7 months old)
Merry Christmas to everyone! Hope you are having a lovely holiday! Remember to take a moment to enjoy those you love rather than just racing from one task/job to the next. In 10 years it’s not going to matter if ‘blah, blah, blah was perfect’ (or not) it IS going to matter whether you got to really spend time with those that you love, that’s the best present to be ‘fully present with them’

December 22, 2012 (7 months old)
Watching my husband read The Very Hungry Caterpillar to Josephine. I think Josephine got hungry listening to the book because she tried to eat the book and then she tired to eat daddy’s cheek. I think it’s time to feed my Caterpillar

December 7, 2012
(6 months old)
Not only did we just receive a huge milk donation from an anonymous breast-milk donor they also bought a Christmas gift for Josephine (one of the cloth diapers she wears and extra diaper rash cream). I’m so overwhelmed with gratitude at the moment. I’m working on a thank you note for them, but I wish I could do more. I would have rather given them a Christmas gift because the milk we received is priceless.

December 2, 2012 (6 months old)
This morning I looked in the mirror and I realized something profound and yet simple, you know, I’m *no* Super-Woman, I’m *no* Super-model, I’m *no* Super-star, but you know what?

I KNOW I’m a Super-mom, I *KNOW* I’m a Super-wife/partner and that is all that matters.

And you moms reading this, go to the mirror and see what I see, you are so much better than Super-Woman, a Super-model, and a Super-star COMBINED, you are a Super-mom even if you are taking care of your family with a co-pilot or not.


And if you know a mom not on Facebook, etc, make sure SHE knows she’s a SUPER-MOM too

November 29, 2012
(6 months old)

Josephine, my dear, never doubt the mountains I’ll climb nor the valleys I’ll go through for you, my dear child. I may be tired, I may be weary, but I will be strong for you. People told me motherhood was hard, I didn’t understand, but I’m learning quickly how much I can do on very little sleep.
Today my little girl is 6 months old. Linda Barrier came to spend the day with us, Josephine adores her Grandma Linda. Josephine has learned how to blow raspberries repeatedly and likes to kick while on her tummy (it won’t be too, too long before she crawls). Josephine especially likes to blow raspberries while she’s on my back in the back carry position, I swear it makes it seem like I’m passing gas, but she doesn’t care, she just keeps blowing raspberries.

October 26, 2012
(5 months old)
I guess I gave birth to a kitten………

A house full of toys and teddy bears, etc, etc and Josephine’s current favorite toy is a plain white junk mail envelope with a plastic window that crinkles.

No wonder the cats love her.

October 14, 2012
(4 months old)

Josephine is 6 days away from 5 months old and already she has randomly pressed the buttons on Daddy’s digital watch enough times to put the watch into some kind of odd display mode. Daddy has had to look up the instruction manual in order to return the watch display to normal……

October 13, 2012 (4 months old)
My little girl is growing up in front of my eyes, tonight she grabbed homemade (nothing in a can) mashed sweet potatoes and stuck her fingers in her mouth. She’s a natural at this so far, she enjoyed every bit of it. So it begins…

October 12, 2012
(4 months old)
Sometimes nap time is as elusive, challenging and comical as trying to ‘tie’ Jello into a knot…..

September 21, 2012 (4 months old)
RAOK for the day : A stranger we didn’t know paid for dinner at Waffle House on our way home. We didn’t know the gentleman had paid for our ticket until we got up to pay. He had already left so we couldn’t even thank him. The cook proceeds to tell us about a lot of folks that pay other people’s orders. The cook also said a different guy paid for everyone’s drink orders one time.

So, it’s our turn to ‘pay it forward, and perform a RAOK for someone else’!

August 17, 2012 (2 months old)
So this morning while nursing Josephine and having a little bit of technical difficulty, I asked Kenneth to help me drink some seltzer water (I couldn’t manage to drink and nurse at the same time at that moment), Kenneth helped me out and then I had the worst gas pains I’ve ever had, I needed to burp and was having trouble… so I had to ask Kenneth to help pat me on the back so I could burp, I said “Now I see why she screams when she needs to burp and can’t…” and like she knew exactly what I said she laughed at me on cue. If only I could have caught the whole thing on tape

July 20, 2012 (2 months old)
Kenneth said to me while changing a cranky Josephine’s diaper, “While she has a wet (pee) diaper..” I respond “Well, I don’t know if that’s what she’s pissed off about or not but she’s definitely pissed off” (It would have been funnier if I was intending the pun….. LOL… I wasn’t… I just unintentionally walked right into the pun)

My little girl turns 18 today, how time flies…. She’s 18 days old today and I’m sure it won’t be the only time she turns ’18’… Lol Next it’ll be 18 months and then 18 years old… I wish time wouldn’t fly so fast…….



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