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So this is a lighter more whimsical post than my first two.

It’s a minor adventure in both posting from my phone app (rather than the laptop) and this is more of an activity, picture story based entry than a deeper,  post.

We recently bought some thrift store bargains to celebrate Easter as well as work on fine motor skills. We picked all these items out together and spent less than 8 bucks for her stuff. She’s able hang these Styrofoam eggs on the Easter tree fairly easily. It has been allowing us to discuss colors and quantity(numbers) as well as being an activity she can do by herself. (NOTE: this tree is probably not “intended” for toddlers, most likely it’s meant to be a table decoration only, not for play, but it is well made and sturdy, it has worked well for my toddler under close supervision) I honestly think she might like it even more because it’s aesthetically pleasing, grown up looking and not a traditional toddler toy/activity. She likes to do so many things around the house that I think it makes her feel “big” to have something like this Easter tree.  When we first started playing with her Easter tree that’s the first time she used the word “fun” because she was having so much fun!


Of course, her placement ideas drastically differ from my ideas (as it often does with every activity we do together):


Yep, I think that branch is really full. I am really surprised that the tree didn’t fall over.

She even tried them on other surfaces including my fingers, her fingers and even unusual places like this one:


That was definitely interesting because the teeth of the toddler lock made it challenging to get the eggs back off. They were easy to put on due to the angle of the teeth, but the teeth caught them when she tried to take them off. She decided it was fun to put them on but too much of a challenge to get them off, so I let her put them on and she kindly let (ordered) me to take them off.

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Then just last night we were listening to toddler songs (yes, this is what we do on an exciting Saturday night, that’s being a parent for you). While we were listening to the toddler radio we listened to some sings about marching and stomping your feet. This inspired our daughter to start stomping and experimenting with different surfaces, the hardwood floor, the carpet, books and different toys underfoot. This led to me having a “crazy idea” (at least according to my husband it wasn’t a normal idea, it was “another one of my crazy ideas…”)

I created a stomping/marching path with random things we had around the house. We already had the tape, the bubble wrap, the sheet of packing foam, the backing from an Easter basket static window cling (slick and cool on the feet), and more bubble wrap.

The stomping/marching path was both a tactile, sensory experience as well as having an audible component, the different surfaces popped or crunched depending on how she stepped or stomped on them.


It turned out to be a wild success.

She took my idea and ran with it, literally with her own unique vision and flair…

On hands and knees driving cars over the surface.


Adding gel static (window) clings to walk on and peel off the bubble wrap and also to peel off her bare feet.


Popping the bubble wrap with her ride along car.


Adding “grass” to walk on and clean up (to strew all over the floor, over and over)


Thank goodness she loves to help and clean up, maybe I’ll have her take her toy broom later and help sweep up the play grass.

Or maybe I’ll think up another one of my “crazy ideas” and she’ll run with it with her own unique flair, we’ll see, it all depends.  If she does run with one of my “crazy ideas” I’ll try to photograph it and share here.

If you enjoyed this post maybe you can leave a comment and share some of your “crazy ideas” or adventures with your toddlers/kids.

What have you all been up to this weekend?

I’d love to hear from you all.